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An EXCLUSIVE Interview with S I Keethaponcalan

By: Paper nr: Date:06/11/2018

Dr S. I. Keethaponcalan is Chair of the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department at Salisbury University, Maryland.

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A Response S I Keethaponcalan’s EXCLUSIVE Interview

By: Paper nr: Date:01/11/2018

Dr S.I. Keethaponcalan has made some pertinent points in the interview given to the Centre for Strategic Studies Trincomalee (CSST).Read more..

Reflections on TPC’s Invitation to Tamil Youth

By:M Nilanthan Paper nr: Date:30/05/2018

(This is a translation of a recent article by M Nilanthan. The translator has sought to provide some context and as such it is not a direct translation.)

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Book Review: K. M de Silva, The Island Story: A Short History of Sri Lanka, International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka, 2017.

By:Charles Ponnuthurai Sarvan Paper nr: Date:08/05/2018

It’s said that fools rush in where the wise fear even to walk. I tiptoe hesitantly, conscious that I am no historian (my discipline was Literature) while the author is perhaps the most eminent of Sri Lankan historians writing in English.

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A Perspective on Tamil –Muslim Relationship

By:A. R .M. Imtiyaz Paper nr: Date:24/04/2018

Part One


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An EXCLUSIVE interview with Frances Harrison

By: Paper nr: Date:25/03/2018

Frances Harrison is a British journalist who worked in Sri Lanka between  2000 and 2004 as BBC Correspondent.  She is t

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Long -Distance Nationalism or Transnational Political Engagement? Some remarks on diaspora political activism

By:Sarvendra Tharmalingam Paper nr: Date:16/03/2018

Diaspora’s participation in homeland politics has been a subject of debate and discussion among scholars and policymakers.

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Countering Chinese Influence in the Indian Ocean Region-the Sri Lankan case

By:K.T.Ganesalingam Paper nr: Date:16/03/2018


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The Merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces-issues to be considered

By:Ana Pararajasingham Paper nr: Date:16/03/2018


A major

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