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April 24 2018

A Perspective on Tamil –Muslim Relationship

A. R .M. Imtiyaz
North East Tamil muslim

Part One


This essay is in two parts. Part one deals with the Tamil –Muslim relationship and the recommendations by the author to bring both Tamil-speaking communities together. Part two titled “Easing Tensions between Muslims and Non-Muslims”  will be published at a later date.

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May 10 2018

Easing tensions between Muslims and Non-Muslims

A. R .M. Imtiyaz

Part Two

(In this part the author’s primary readership is the Muslim Community and the actions that may  be pursued by its leaders to ease tensions between Muslims and Non-Muslims)

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March 25 2018

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Frances Harrison

Frances Harrison

Frances Harrison is a British journalist who worked in Sri Lanka between  2000 and 2004 as BBC Correspondent.  She is the author of “Still Counting the Dead". The book, based on eyewitness accounts of survivors, provides an illuminating narrative of the final five months of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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March 20 2018

Long -Distance Nationalism or Transnational Political Engagement? Some remarks on diaspora political activism

Sarvendra Tharmalingam
Long distance nationalism

Diaspora’s participation in homeland politics has been a subject of debate and discussion among scholars and policymakers.

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March 17 2018

Countering Chinese Influence in the Indian Ocean Region-the Sri Lankan case



This paper is in two parts, the first part focuses on the period under the Presidency of Mahinda Rajapaksa following his government’s successful crushing of the Tamil armed rebellion and the second, since Rajapaksa’s replacement by a new ‘unity’ government headed by Maithripala Sirisena in  January 2015 to-date.

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March 03 2018

The Merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces-issues to be considered

Ana Pararajasingham
North - East


A major demand of the Tamil polity in Sri Lanka is that the Northern and Eastern Provinces are merged into a single entity.

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