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March 12 2018

Book Review: Globalism-New Nationalism

Sarvendra Tharmalingam
Thiruanvukarasu Latest Book on Globalism and Nationalism

This is a brief review of M Thirunavukarasu’s latest work in Tamil, Globalism- New Nationalism. The book is a well-researched tome of well over 500 pages.

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The Diplomat November 24 2017

India’s Regional Power Credentials under Threat by China

Ana Pararajasingham
China Maldive Relations

Maldives is the smallest nation in South Asia in terms of population, area and GDP. Yet in August 2017, it defied India, the regional power, by permitting three Chinese warships to dock in Male.

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Defence Review Asia Sept-Oct 2017

 Trincomalee Beckons: Is New Delhi Becoming Assertive?

Ana Pararajasingham

India and Sri Lanka have always had a complex relationship-and New Delhi’s frustration with Colombo is the latter’s reluctance to accept India as the regional power. Instead, Colombo has always looked to other powers to counter Indian influence.

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The Diplomat May 23 2017

India and China’s Tug of War Over Sri Lanka

Yigal Chazan
China vs India

Unnerved by growing Chinese influence in Sri Lanka, India is seeking to strengthen ties with the Colombo government through economic cooperation as the Indian Ocean island nation assumes increasing importance as a regional trading hub in one of the world’s busiest sea lanes.

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Under the Radar: Are Sri Lanka’s ports the next Great Game for China, India and Japan?

Jeremy Luedi
The planned Hambantota port city and prospective world financial hub

Increased international interest in the Indian Ocean comes at a convenient time for Sri Lanka, as the country continues to recoup after the end of its decades-long civil war which ended in 2009. The island nation is being courted (and courting in turn) by various major powers, each seeking a stake in developing Sri Lanka’s strategic location midway between the Middle East and the Straits of Malacca. While opportunities present themselves, all this attention also comes with its own set of complications.

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Stars and Stripes March 20 2017

Island Nation in Indian Ocean now a big draw for US, China

Erik Slavin
The USNS Fall River moors at Hambantota port in Sri Lanka as part of the Pacific Partnership 2017 exercise this month

HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka — The answer to why a state-of-the-art port exists in a remote part of one of Asia’s smallest nations lies a short distance out in the Indian Ocean.

A critical sea lane is a reason China built the little-used Hambantota port in the first place, and why — besides a long-­standing regional humanitarian mission — the U.S. military was keen to visit for nearly two weeks this month.

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